Turns plain
 cups  into
 insulated Mugs !
                  Play the WrapMug video   

                   You need a WrapMug(pat. pend)
                  for your all your to-go drinks !

1. WrapMug keeps your cold to-go drinks icy fresh ! 
       Plastic and paper cups you get with to-go cold drinks have no insulation. This quickly melts your ice, dilutes your drink and turns it into a watered-down, tasteless mess.
        When used with cold drinks, WrapMug keeps your ice frozen longer, keeping your cold soda undiluted and tasting fresh for a longer period of time. One-size WrapMug is fully adjustable and fits most popular sized cups from 16 oz. (red cup) size, up to large 32 oz. cups.


2. WrapMug keeps your hot to-go drinks hot !
      Used with hot drinks, WrapMug will keep your coffee and tea hot and fresh much longer than the tiny cardboard insulation sleeves you get at coffee stores.
3. Having a handle is much better ! 
       People prefer having a mug with a handle. Handles are easier to grab for everyone, especially for kids and seniors that can have a hard time holding cups.

4. WrapMug keeps your hands dry !
       With cold drinks, condensation forms on the outside of cups and every time you grab your drink, your hand and clothing get soaked. 
       With hot drinks; you can burn your fingers with hot drinks either through the cup itself, or when hot coffee spills out from the top.
       Hot and cold, WrapMug's big comfortable handle keeps your hands nice and dry, and works with any lid you like, or without any lid at all !
5. Every color of WrapMug is green !
        If each WrapMug uses a little less ice for cold drinks than was used before, then a little less fresh water and electricity will be used to make more ice, so less pollution will go into the atmosphere. More energy will be saved because folks won't have to reheat their hot drinks as often. When millions of WrapMugs are used, it will actually make a huge difference.
       So hot and cold, every WrapMug user will be helping to save the environment, one cup at a time. Also, a portion of WrapMug's profits will go towards clean air and water foundations.

WrapMug goes everywhere you go !
        You don't have to take a huge mug with you wherever you go. When not being used, WrapMug rolls up small so it's easy to keep in your car's cup holder, glove box, the pocket of your jacket or shorts, in your backpack, purse, or wherever it will be handy the next time you have a soda, juice, water, coffee, tea, or other beveridge from a coffee store, convenience store, fast food place, gas station, movie theater, have a beer at the big game, or ... with any to-go cup with hot or cold drinks which are sold virtually everywhere.

7. WrapMug will save you money ! 
        When you use a WrapMug, your drinks will stay fresh longer, so you won't have to toss out as many to-go cups half-full of diluted sodas or cold coffee, and you won't have to refresh your old drinks or buy new drinks as often as before.
        With WrapMug, hot and cold, going green will save you time and money.

8. WrapMug lets you personalize every cup you use !
     WrapMug can be bought in a variety of colors and patterns, or for a small extra fee, printed with a prechosen photo from our gallery, or upload a personal photo, name, graphic or whatever else you want to have printed on your WrapMug. At a party, you'll always know which "red" cup is yours. Whoever thought to-go cups could look so good ? 


   WrapMug - Best promo product ever !
     This ability to personalize WrapMug opens endless promotional possbilities for company Logos, photographs, text, graphics, names, websites, etc.



Are there any products used more than to-go cups?

Probably not. Did you know t
hat in the United States alone:

3 Million disposable to-go cups are sold with drinks
every hour !

70 Million cups are sold-to go
every day !

2 billion cups are sold to-go
every month !

24 Billion cups are sold to-go 
every year  just in the U. S. !

     Every one of those cups could use the benefits that WrapMug provides. Most people that buy to go drinks, hot and cold, buy them on a daily basis. When people see their to-go drinks stay fresh and last longer using WrapMug, both hot and cold, many people are going to bring their WrapMug with them when they go out, (or have them in their car already) and use them as often as they possible.

     WrapMug is a green product which saves energy and money, so if you choose WrapMug for promotional purposes, your company will be seen in a positive light for helping to save the environment. And people will reuse (recycle), and enjoy them time and time again out in public, so your message will be highly visible all the time.

     The large space for printing promotional information on WrapMug guarantees that your company's message will be seen easily and often. Endless varieties of colors, combinations of graphic designs, photographs, text, websites, etc are possible !

        The extremely large number of daily cup users guarantees
   that WrapMug will be the most viewed promo product in history !



 I Love WrapMug ! How do I buy 1, 50, or 1,000 ?

WrapMug will be available in 10 primary colors for $12.95 ea. If
 you prefer to get a personalized WrapMug, for a $5.00 fee you can
 upload your own photo, logo, graphic, fraternity / sorority crest, or
 anything else you would like online and we will print your custom
 WrapMug(s) for you. Of course the larger your order is, the larger
 your discount will be.
       While I prepare to launch WrapMug (pat. pend.), I am currently in a
 presales period surveying the public to estimate the correct level of 
 production I should anticipate and to hear any comments you may
 have regarding WrapMug.

 If you would like to leave a comment or already know you would like to
order one or more WrapMugs as soon as they become available, please

      Email me at
jb@wrapmug.com and leave this info:

  • which color you would like to get 
  • how many WrapMugs you like to order
  • if would like to have your own picture / graphic on your WrapMug(s)

        As I get closer to production, I am constantly striving to make
 WrapMug the best product it can possibly be. While these photos and
 video are of actual working prototypes, (which work very well by the 
 way), finished WrapMugs will be even better than the models you see
 here. You'll never look at hot and cold drinks in to-go cups the same
 way again after you try WrapMug ! 
       Don't delay! The more response I get from the public the sooner
 your WrapMug will be on it's way to you. After you email me, please
 send this link to everyone you know and have your friends check
 it out. I'll never sell my email list, no spam, and will only contact you
 when WrapMug becomes available for direct order.
       During this period, I will also consider licensing and investment
offers for this very lucrative patent pending and trademarked invention. Serious investors can also view my profile and executive summary at

       Thank you very much for your interest in WrapMug and I hope to hear from you soon !
                                                          Sincerely, James Bourne
                                                          Inventor / Sole Owner of WrapMug


Not currently selling WrapMugs with the logos seen on this site.  The illustrations here are to let you see some of the possiblilities. WrapMug will also be sold under the name  WrapaMug™ in some areas.
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